Cattle Care Chutes

Titan West Inc.'s newest product, Cattle Care ChutesŪ are built to make things safe and easy for you and your cattle. A patented neck extender gently holds the head still for implanting, oral meds, blood tests, dehorning, etc.

    Standard Features:
  • 3/16 & 1/4" Steel Stock on all frame components
  • Patented Hydraulic Neck Extender w/ separate
    Speed and Pressure Controls
  • Ball Bearings Pivot on Bottom Gates
  • Ball & Socket Linkage Pivot Points
  • Steel Floor
    Optional Features:
  • Quiet Package (includes RumberŪ Floor)
  • Side Escape
  • Removable Lower Panels
  • Manual Palpation Door (out swinging)
  • Hydraulic Side Adjust (1 side)
  • Portable Attachment


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